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We Deal With Genuine Products Sourced From Around The Globe.


Ceiling Fans

Luft Exquisite Fan Collection makes it easy to personalize your space and add some glamour and style.
Our wide selection of Ceiling fans will help you complete the exact look you want.
With such affordable prices, it’ll be hard to stick to just one room. So while you’re at it, why not deck out the whole house?

Outdoor Fans

In the contemporary home, fans have always been a stylish and functional staple. Aside from the practical uses like air circulation and temperature regulation, modern outdoor ceiling fans add style and sophistication to modern spaces. This style easily transitions to outdoor areas, improving air quality in patios, decks, enclosed porches, and more.



These fans are Mammoth
With market leading features of supreme efficiency, low noise, minimal maintenance, easy installation and advice backed by a 5 year warranty, Mammoth Fans are here to keep you cool.

Exhaust Fans

Luft Exhaust Fan Collection helps you to remove impurities in the air (moisture, smell, smoke, heat etc) and also helps in the air circulation within the area.
It can also be used to help eliminate condensation and mould in moisture exposed areas.


Luft Motors

All our motors can be controlled either with remote control or can also be integrated with any home automation solution.
Quality being of utmost significance, LUFT motors come with 5 years warranty.

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