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What is your return policy?

Once Sold, We dont take the products back. We have a Strict No Return Policy as no one wants to accept premium products which are pre-opened.

Do you offer customized products?

Depending on the models, we do customise a few products as per the theme of the space, please get in touch with your dealer for more information on the same.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payments, the preferred mode being bank transfers

Why is there such a large cost difference in between fans? They look the same!

While each manufacturer differs, each fan within a manufacturer differs as well. High end fans typically use quality parts, high end motors to larger sized motors which move more air, motor housings are a die cast metal instead of a stamped metal, blades are made of high quality furniture veneer layers in comparison to particle board. Some are made of very high quality ABS, with multiple layers of coatings to get real wood like finish. While this information is not conveyed via text, it definitely is represented in the quality and the finishing of the product. As regarding the price. You get what you pay for

What is a DC Motor Fan?

The motor of the new era. This motor requires less electrical current by utilizing an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. This magnetic field requires much less electrical energy to create the torque required to rotate the motor’s rotor. This motor type is virtually silent, while generating more power / torque than conventional ceiling fan motors and consuming less than 70% of the power.

How does a ceiling fan work?

In its most basic sense, a ceiling fan works by rotating pitched blades. The pitched blades create air flows that produce better air circulation, thus helping “cool” the body. The cooling sensation is, of course, only due to the movement of the fan. While it may enhance the effectiveness of your A/C or heating system by circulating that cooled or heated air, a ceiling fan on its own cannot actually change the temperature of a space.

What are the different kinds of Fan Blades?

  • Plastic ABS Blades – Plastic ABS blades very high quality and are often found on Contemporary / Modern styled fans, and Outdoor Damp / Wet Location Fans. Plastic is found on outdoor fans specifically to avoid warping to environmental conditions.

  • Metal Blades – Metal Blades are found typically on any Industrial or Heat Fan type. Not recommended for standard ceilings or home applications to where anyone can reach the fan its considered to be dangerous to use metal blades in residential projects. All our designer ceiling fans are NON Metal blades. 

  • Wooden Blades – Wooden blades have their up and down sides. While they look great aesthetically, some lack in terms of air movement in comparison to standard / plastic blades

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