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Takeko Ceiling Fan

About Us

LUFT was created with an inherent intent to ‘Break the Stereotype’, when it comes to home décor. 
We believe it takes wisdom to explore the way and courage to make a Change. As a company, we pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship of each and every product we produce & distribute.

With people and distribution network operating on Two Continents, LUFT is leading the way in product design, along with Three level of quality control over a broad range of price points.

We offer the following products to enhance the ‘Class Quotient’ of your home

We believe that the fifth wall is as important as the other four walls of the house, to create an aesthetically pleasing home. We bring you the largest range of exquisite designer fans, which breaks the monotony and raises the décor of your home to the next level.

Our special emphasis on robust product quality, ensures that the sheer beauty of LUFT fans, never fade. Our collection includes genuine, high quality and competitively priced Exquisite Fans from topmost international players.

What sets us apart is our ‘Service Excellence’, which is an integral part of our value system, making your LUFT experience, hassle free.

To ensure your peace of mind, all LUFT fans come with 2 years warranty.

CYPRUSS Coatings by LUFT
Global Warming is becoming a threat to recon with. Temperature as well as electricity bills are going skywards. To counter this LUFT, brings to you a unique solution- CYPRUSS offers a state-of-art coating, which helps in heat reduction & also saves energy. It reflects and re-radiates up to 95% of infra-red & ultra-violet rays back into the atmosphere resulting in a temperature drop of 8°C to 13°C. It also acts as an Energy saver by reducing energy consumption by 20-30 % in air conditioned premises.

These are marine grade coatings with very high performance against weathering, waterproof & anti-carbonation. There is no need to repaint
after a building is painted with this product as it comes in pleasing range of modern and attractive colours. It can be applied on large variety
of surfaces such as asbestos, metals, concrete, bricks, tiles, etc together with the appropriate primers. Slightly more viscous than industrial
paints, it can be applied by airless spray, brush or roller.


LUFT Motors
Subtle yet powerful, LUFT offers ultra-efficient and ultra-quiet motorized systems for all kind of curtains and blinds. LUFT motors come in various specifications to suit any commercial or domestic needs. 
The product line consists of:
•    Motorized Curtains
•    Motorized Blinds
•    Remote Control Handsets
All our motors can be controlled either with remote control or can also be integrated with any home automation solution.
Quality being of utmost significance, LUFT motors come with 5 years warranty.

To be the leading National and International provider of innovative, technologically advanced and energy efficient products that enhance our customer's environments.

To light our customer's lives with exciting products that are environment friendly and fashionable, delivered with expertise and unparalleled service.


  • Be a shining example.  Do everything to the best of your ability with enthusiasm and energy and inspire others

  • Be Caring

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Ethical

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Innovative

  • Be Successful

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